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posted by: Best Western Plus Black Oak on: September 17, 2023


If you prefer fewer crowds, warm, not hot weather, lower prices and want a destination spot in California, Paso Robles is your perfect getaway destination in September, October and early November.  Paso Robles is a charming town located in San Luis Obispo county in Central California: a 3 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and 4 hours from bustling Los Angeles.  To witness the rolling hills and beautifully kept vineyards turn from a vibrant, rich greenery into the warm oranges and golden browns of autumn is a visual sight that can sooth the mind and heart.


However long or short your stay in the Paso Robles area is and if time allows, do try to check out the some local wineries in Paso Robles which is well- known for its' grape production. The soil diversity, warm temperatures during the day with cool nights, creates a wide range of wine styles.  The Paso Robles wine region stretches from the town of Templeton, parts of Santa Barbara county, southern Monterey county and northern San Luis Obispo county.  


The Paso Robles Wine Country has 11 sub-regions where various types of wine are produced such as, Grenade, Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.   There are approximately 200 tasting rooms over 40,000 vineyard acres amongst the beautiful, rolling hills.  As well, you will see groves of olives tucked amongst the landscape interspersed with the magnificent Black Oak trees.  And if wine is not your thing, do a drive or a guided tour to enjoy the pleasant landscape, perhaps stopping here and there to sample some food at the various wineries and take in all the beauty.


Wine-tasting maps are available at the Paso Robles Daily News.  Or, you could enquire at the reception desk to see if they have a winery driving map of the area, guided booking tours.


For an incredible visual delight in the evening over 15 acres do not miss internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Monroe's SENSORIO FIELD OF LIGHTS!  There are 58,000 stemmed spheres that are lit by fiber optics which morph into incredible color.  As well, there are 60 light towers made from over 17,000 wine bottles which again, are lit by optics fibers.  The colors are bright: oranges, blues, yellows, pinks, etc. illuminate the pathways.  Against the twilight blue, one can experience a sense of wonderment!  All of this to be had which is  accompanied by music!  


A wonderful way to end the day of walking, sightseeing, etc. is to go to the family-owned Franklin Hot Springs which is a large, public mineral hot springs pool. Relatively inexpensive at $10 per person.


For a wonderful, restful fall getaway, the Best Western Plus Oak with its family-friendly amenities, excellent location in the heart of Paso Robles combined with a welcoming atmosphere will not disappoint.  Enjoy your stay in Paso Robles and the Best Western Plus Oak.