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posted by: Maycko Macapugas on: March 21, 2019

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden


If you’re a millennial, you live off this stuff. If you’re older than that generation you probably have a better understanding to know the value of that “stuff.” What is the stuff that is being alluded to? Well that’s “experience” of course. And no, not “experience” as in you’ve been doing this for a while and you’re a seasons professional, no.  Experience as in this is brand new and something to look forward to as a pathway for learning. Here are two examples.


Wine Blending

The world of wine-tasting is elusive and hard to grasp for many of those who haven’t grown up in Paso Robles.  In Paso Robles, we like to take things a little further and actually blend the unique flavours of different wines to create synergistic flavours that you, likely, won’t get anywhere else.  At the Annual Wine Blending Party, join the hosts at Oso Libre Winery on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM to get a better idea of what this means.  This event runs until 2:00 PM at $125 a head. Lunch is included in this invaluable experience alongside these fantastic winemakers.  


Wildflower Experience

Wildflower Experience is best known as a triathlon. However, it’s more than just that. It’s truly an experience that lasts 3 days long including multi-sport events, music, and outdoor activities.  This also includes relaxing activities at the Wildflower Wellness Spa, the Art Bar, and even some on-site yoga classes. And when you’re done with that and you feel like spending a bit of cash, check out the Wildflower Marketplace for the best and neatest handcrafted goods by locals.  And for those who are more adrenaline junkies, take a ride on the Helicopter Tour to watch as the triathletes get ready for race day. Bringing the kids? Take them to Camp Wildflower where the kid-friendly zone will keep them entertained for hours (days). The event starts on Friday May 3, 2019 at 3:00 PM.


Either as an athlete or simply just out here for moral support, new things mean change, and change can be exhausted.  Change can even be exhausting for those who are used to it in their everyday life. The only remedy? Keep going, or rest! You can keep the activities going by popping into the pool, or finally catch up with your rest by taking an early night to your room. The choice is yours at Best Western Plus Black Oak.  
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